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Most up to date versions

Most up to date versions of image handler modified for current releases of zen-cart can be found in the download section. As I have no time to take care of this project, the zen-cart community has continued to support and keep image handler up to date. This page will still continue to exist though.

Image Handler 2.0

Image Handler2 comes in two different flavours. You can download

Before you install this contribution, please have a look at the documentation and be sure to check out the showcase to get a feeling of how it is supposed to work. If you have an earlier version of IH2 installed, please check out the changelog, too. For deprecated versions of Image Handler (1.x and 0.x series) check out the attic.


Admin manager screenshot

  • Improve site performance (faster loading, faster display)
  • Professional looking images (no stair-effects, smooth edges)
  • Uploading one image automatically creates small, medium and large images on page request.
  • Choose preferred image-types for each image size.

Admin preview screenshot

  • Source image filetype doesn’t matter. Have jpg base files with gif and png additional files if you want to.
  • Drops in and out seamlessly. No need to redo your images. All images are kept.
  • Easy install. One-click-database-upgrade.
  • Works with mass-update/-upload tools like EzPopulate.
  • Watermark images to prevent Mr. Competitor from stealing them.
  • Fancy image hover functionality lets a larger image pop up whenever you move your mouse above a small image (switchable).Fancy image hover screenshot
  • Watermarking and Fancy Hovers work with different source-images for small, medium and large, too!
  • Choose an image background color matching to match you site’s color or select a transparent background for your images.
  • Manage your multiple images for products easily from one page just like you do with attributes in the Products Attribute Manager.
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