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SEFU 0.4-beta2 released

Tuesday, 06 December 2005

This release is just a small bugfix release. Keyword threshold wasn’t working, in fact when you put in a value greater than 0, keywords were disabled completely. Download it here.

SEFU 0.4-beta1 released

Monday, 05 December 2005

This new version of SEFU works with both Zen-Cart 1.2.5d and Zen-Cart 1.2.6d and features a new cool keyword threshold functionality that prevents words with less than n characters to be included in the URL. Download it here.

The following changes have been done.

  • Added feature to exclude words with less than n characters from meaningful names generation (keyword threshold)
  • Strip pages-main from parameter list to prevent duplicate pages for and
  • Ported SEFU to Zen-Cart 1.2.6d

SEFU backport for Zen-Cart 1.2.4

Wednesday, 01 June 2005 SEFU 0.3-beta1 for Zen-Cart 1.2.5d has been backported to be used with Zen-Cart 1.2.4. It has not been tested. You can find the modified version here.

Image Handler 1.0-beta1 released

Saturday, 21 May 2005 A new version of Image Handler has been released. This one works with Zen-Cart v1.2.5d and has been tested only with Zen-Cart v1.2.5d. It supports batch resizing of your old, big, single images and you can download it here. Since this is the first release for Zen-Cart v1.2.5d, be sure to backup your files (including images) and database before installing this contribution.

The following changes have been done.

  • Complete port to Zen-Cart 1.2.5d
  • fixed handling of jpegs with .jpeg extension in addition to .jpg.
  • made filemask for created images and directories configurable in includes/functions/extra_functions/functions_images.php. Default filemask is taken from the images folder.
  • added batch resizing support
  • added modified files for conflicting zen_demo_book_0.4 contribution to contrib folder
  • changed version scheme to indicate beta state of releases

SEFU 0.3-beta1 released

Saturday, 21 May 2005 A new version of SEFU has been released to fix some problems people have been encountering and port SEFU to Zen-Cart 1.2.5d. Download it here.

The following changes have been done.

  • Fixed problems with zen-cart not recording paypal payments
  • Changed naming scheme to indicate beta status of releases
  • Ported SEFU to Zen-Cart 1.2.5d
  • Changed url scheme from e.g. key1-value1-key2-value2 to key1-value1/key2-value2 to address possible occurences of “-” in parameters’ values. (backwards compatible so already indexed urls are still accessible)
  • Added info about shared certificates and configuring .htaccess
  • Added substitution of German umlauts for meaningful filenames.

Breakmyzencart Wiki

Saturday, 09 April 2005 A wiki system for breakmyzencart is to be announced! It is meant to serve as an information source to everyone using Zen-Cart or Zen-Cart contributions especially those provided by It is still in an early stages and there is not much information available yet but it will start to grow as time permits. You can have a look at (and of course contribute to) it by directing your browser to or by clicking on the Public wiki in the Main Menu.

SEFU 0.2d released

Monday, 04 April 2005 This is just a minor bugfix release that addresses large additional images not displaying if their name contains hyphens.

Download it here!

Image Handler 0.9a released

Monday, 04 April 2005 A few bugs have been fixed and the new switchable Show uploaded images in cart feature has been added. Now you can configure your cart to show customer uploaded images next to the product’s image when you have set up your products with attributes to allow uploading.

Get the new release here!

Changes from 0.8e to 0.9a

  • fixed bug in products_image_manager.php (renaming uploaded file)
  • added feature to show images uploaded by users in the cart. This is switchabel in admin→Configuration→Images (Show uploaded images in cart).
  • added configuration setting to specify the library path for ImageMagick in case someone uses his own uploaded ImageMagick binaries. The environment for ImageMagick binary execution is set according to this path.
  • fixed bug with testing for ImageMagick binaries on Windows. Binaries weren’t found even if they existed.
  • split README.txt into TECH.txt and README.txt to make it more user friendly. In depth technical information can be found in TECH.txt whereas the User guide can be found in README.txt.

SEFU 0.2c released

Tuesday, 29 March 2005 Since there can be problems when the ssl server shares the same .htaccess file with the normal webserver (symlinking), Search-Engine Friendly URLs for secure sites is now switchable. If you can’t visit your secure pages anymore with SEFU enabled, download and install this release and turn off SEFUs for SSL.

SEFU 0.2b released

Sunday, 27 March 2005 This is just a refinement release where the following changes have been performed:

  • all links are now rendered lowercase
  • made link cleaning function failsafe by stripping all unwanted characters

Download it here.

SEFU 0.2a released

Sunday, 27 March 2005 Some improvements have been made to this brand new breakmyzencart contribution:

  • changed url-seperator for better search-engine recognition.
  • possibility to specify redirect to main-page in case of missing page and one designated main page;
  • tweaked parameter transcoding
  • meaningful urls are built not only for products but for categories, too.
  • improved string-cleanup function to provide a valid filename built from categories-, manufacturers- and products-names.

Get this fine release here!

SEFU 0.1a released

Saturday, 26 March 2005 This contribution renders Search Engine Friendly URLs for Zen-Cart eCommerce.

The contribution provides the following features:

  • Faster indexing by search engines
  • Meaningful names for html files of product pages (e.g. category-1/Manufacturer-My_Great_Product.html instead of index.php?cPath=1&products_id=12)
  • Switchable from admin (turn on/off as you like)

You can download it here.

Image Handler 0.8e released

Friday, 25 March 2005 Nothing special here, just made some bugfixes and improved the overrides for third party contributions.

  • added missing define for TEXT_PRICED_BY_ATTRIBUTES.
  • fixed watermarking bug where watermarking would occur even if the original images were deleted (resulting in errors).
  • improved contrib section for third party contributions.

You can download the new release here.

Image Handler 0.8d released

Tuesday, 22 March 2005 The third bugfix release deals with some recently reported errors including conflicting third-part contributions. If you use one of the following contributions, please refer to INSTALL.txt or README.txt how to fix that. You just have to overwrite some file(s).

  • Froogle Data Feeder
  • Affiliates Free
  • Affiliates Advanced

Get the new version! On a sidenote I’d like to thank all those who donated, the server is payed for the next 4 months now.

Read on to learn more about the changes in this release.

  • fixed resizing although Overwrite = ‘No’ specified.
  • fixed error message bug (defaults to ‘direct’ now instead of ‘session’).
  • added contrib directory for other contributions that conflict with Image Handler. Files in this directory have to overwrite the other contribution’s files.

Image Handler 0.8c released

Saturday, 19 March 2005 Some bug-hunting and code-cleanup has been done. It has come to my attention that this contribution can break banner display of the affiliates contribution. If you want to use both contributions, please contact me and I’ll gladly help. This is also the first release for which you can donate to support ongoing development. Download it here. The following changes have been performed:

  • fixed some file permission issues.
  • fixed watermarking bug in admin.
  • fixed large image maximum size resizing bug (GD).
  • fixed crappy resizing if output format was jpg (non transparency capable), but transparent background was specified. Resample image instead.
  • added version information display about GD or ImageMagick to Products Image Manager to assist debugging.
  • added some debugging support. Image filenames are returned, even if the image is not found. Let Zen-Cart do the handling of broken images.
  • refactored functions_images.php in catalog and admin to eliminate code redundancy. Admin now uses parts of the catalog’s image functions.

Image Handler 0.8b released

Thursday, 17 March 2005 This release is a pure bugfix release. Get it here! The following things have been changed:

  • fixed Image Manager not showing images in subdirectories.
  • fixed Image Manager not deleting images in subdirectories.
  • Image Manager doesn’t show original, medium and large directories in combobox to choose for image upload base directory anymore. Uploading to one of those directories is bad, so one should not be able to do so.

Image Handler 0.8a released

Tuesday, 15 March 2005 Some features have been added, as the last release dealt with bugs mostly. Samuel Lown’s famous Image Manager has been added to this contribution so it works now with watermarking and different image types for different image sizes. Since Sam’s contribution did hell of a job before it was integrated, it can just get better, right? Download it here! The following changes have been done:

  • integrated products_image_manager 0.4 by Samuel Lown into Image Handler.
  • added Large Image Maximum Size setting. No large image exceeds this size since they are resized on upload if this setting is specified.
  • Complete rewrite of image size calculation to honor ‘!’ for forcing canvas dimensions and ‘%’ for resizing to a percentage of the original image.

Image Handler 0.7b released

Tuesday, 15 March 2005 This is almost completely a bugfix-release to address a few issues that had come to notice. No new features have been added, so if you did not encounter any problems, You don’t have to upgrade. You can download it here. The following things have been done:

  • fixed combination of upload image as additional image and convert image to specified sizes (for already uploaded image). Both settings weren’t working together before.
  • fixed missing medium image generation on upload image as additional image.
  • fixed wrong direction calculation for watermarking in GD.
  • fixed copying of files to _LRG.jpg although not of specified image-type (e.g. .png).
  • added more info on specifying image-sizes to README.txt.
  • added a paragraph about template overrides to INSTALL.txt
  • added small icons for a more consistent look in admin→categories/products

Image Handler 0.7a released

Monday, 14 March 2005 Some cool features have been added and some bugs have been fixed, too. This release removes some of the shortcomings of the previous releases which were for example:

  • If you changed a product image and had used watermarking before, you had to delete the watermarked image manually.
  • The watermark could only be placed in the center of the image’s canvas.
  • GD resizing was crappy sometimes due to compatibility issues with transparent images
  • You couldn’t set the compression quality with GD.

All this is gone now and there is more. Change are as follows:

  • update watermarked images based on mtime (file modified time). If a new image or watermark is uploaded and watermarking is specified, new files are generated on demand. This removes sticky watermarked images.
  • added watermark gravity. You can specify where you want the watermark to show. Center is default but you can specify either one of NorthWest, North, NorthEast, West, Center, East, SoutWest, South and SouthEast.
  • improved GD render quality when rendering non transparent images.
  • compression/quality setting now works for GD, too.
  • changed default behaviour from resizing images to forced-width canvas to resizing to canvas relative to original image. Can be overridden by appending “!” to small/medium dimensions. Example:

small image height: 80! Canvas is then forced to match the exact dimensions specified. Original resized image is centered on canvas.

  • fixed error where images uploaded as additional images but with different file extensions than the original image weren’t shown.
  • fixed possible memory leak in GD resizing/watermarking functions.
  • added german language support.
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