SEFU Changelog

Changes from 0.5-beta1 to 0.5-beta2

  • fixed replacing of german Umlauts
  • fixed SSL-pages not working with redirects
  • smoothed 301 redirects

Changes from 0.4-beta3 to 0.5-beta1

  • fixed sefu for additional popup images
  • added 301 redirects to standard-links if SEFU is off and 301 redirects to SEFUs, if SEFU is on (admin switchable)
  • code cleanup

Changes from 0.4-beta2 to 0.4-beta3

  • fixed dangling dash in keyword composition

Changes from 0.4-beta1 to 0.4-beta2

  • fixed keyword threshold

Changes from 0.3-beta1 to 0.4-beta1

  • Added feature to exclude words with less than ‘n’ characters from meaningful names generation (keyword threshold)
  • Strip pages-main from parameter list to prevent duplicate pages for and
  • Ported SEFU to Zen-Cart 1.2.6d

Changes from 0.2d to 0.3-beta1

  • Fixed problems with zen-cart not recording paypal payments
  • Changed naming scheme to indicate beta status of releases
  • Ported SEFU to Zen-Cart 1.2.5d
  • Changed url scheme from e.g. key1-value1-key2-value2 to key1-value1/key2-value2 to address possible occurences of “-” in parameters’ values. (backwards compatible so already indexed urls are still accessible)
  • Added info about shared certificates and configuring .htaccess
  • Added substitution of German umlauts for meaningful filenames.

Changes from 0.2c to 0.2d

  • Fixed large additional images not showing when their name contains hyphens.

Changes from 0.2b to 0.2c

  • Fixed typo in database configuration entries.
  • Added configuration entry for switching SEFU generating of secure links.

Changes from 0.2a to 0.2b

  • all links are now rendered lowercase
  • made link cleaning function failsafe by stripping all unwanted characters

Changes from 0.1a to 0.2a

  • changed seperator character from underscore _ to hyphen -
  • added commented statements to .htaccess that can be uncommented if desired providing the following functions:
    • redirect to the main page in case an URL is entered that requests a non existing file.
    • have automatically redirected to
  • tweaked parameter transcoding functions
  • added category names as source for building meaningful urls. That way meaningful urls are built not only for products but for categories, too
  • improved string-cleanup function to provide a valid filename built from categories-, manufacturers- and products-names when ‘Render Meaningful Filenames’ is specified.
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