Image Handler Changelog

Changes from 1.0-beta1 to 1.0-beta2

  • Ported to Zen-Cart 1.2.6d

Changes from 0.9b to 1.0-beta1

  • Complete port to Zen-Cart 1.2.5d
  • fixed handling of jpegs with .jpeg extension in addition to .jpg.
  • made filemask for created images and directories configurable in includes/functions/extra_functions/functions_images.php. Default filemask is taken from the images folder.
  • added batch resizing support
  • added modified files for conflicting zen_demo_book_0.4 contribution to contrib folder
  • changed version scheme to indicate beta state of releases

Changes from 0.9a to 0.9b

  • uncomplete but working port to Zen-Cart 1.2.5 by danielsol007. Some features/fixes from Zen-Cart 1.2.5 have been merged into the files that replace stock Zen-Cart files.

Changes from 0.8e to 0.9a

  • fixed bug in products_image_manager.php (renaming uploaded file)
  • added feature to show images uploaded by users in the cart. This is switchabel in admin→Configuration→Images (Show uploaded images in cart).
  • added configuration setting to specify the library path for ImageMagick in case someone uses his own uploaded ImageMagick binaries. The environment for ImageMagick binary execution is set according to this path.
  • fixed bug with testing for ImageMagick binaries on Windows. Binaries weren’t found even if they existed.
  • split README.txt into TECH.txt and README.txt to make it more user friendly. In depth technical information can be found in TECH.txt whereas the User guide can be found in README.txt.

Changes from 0.8d to 0.8e

  • added missing define for TEXT_PRICED_BY_ATTRIBUTES.
  • fixed watermarking bug where watermarking would occur even if the original images were deleted (resulting in errors).
  • improved contrib section for third party contributions.

Changes from 0.8c to 0.8d

  • fixed resizing although Overwrite = ‘No’ specified.
  • fixed error message bug (defaults to ‘direct’ now instead of ‘session’).
  • added contrib directory for other contributions that conflict with Image Handler. Files in this directory have to overwrite the other contribution’s files.

Changes from 0.8b to 0.8c

  • fixed some file permission issues.
  • fixed watermarking bug in admin.
  • fixed large image maximum size resizing bug (GD).
  • fixed crappy resizing if output format was jpg (non transparency capable), but transparent background was specified. Resample image instead.
  • added version information display about GD or ImageMagick to Products Image Manager to assist debugging.
  • added some debugging support. Image filenames are returned, even if the image is not found. Let Zen-Cart do the handling of broken images.
  • refactored functions_images.php in catalog and admin to eliminate code redundancy. Admin now uses parts of the catalog’s image functions.

Changes from 0.8a to 0.8b

  • fixed Image Manager not showing images in subdirectories.
  • fixed Image Manager not deleting images in subdirectories.
  • Image Manager doesn’t show original, medium and large directories in combobox to choose for image upload base directory anymore. Uploading to one of those directories is bad, so one should not be able to do so.

Changes from 0.7b to 0.8a

  • integrated products_image_manager 0.4 by Samuel Lown into Image Handler.
  • added Large Image Maximum Size setting. No large image exceeds this size since they are resized on upload if this setting is specified.
  • Complete rewrite of image size calculation to honor ‘!’ for forcing canvas dimensions and ‘%’ for resizing to a percentage of the original image.

Changes from 0.7a to 0.7b

  • fixed combination of upload image as additional image and convert image to specified sizes (for already uploaded image). Both settings weren’t working together before.
  • fixed missing medium image generation on upload image as additional image.
  • fixed wrong direction calculation for watermarking in GD.
  • fixed copying of files to _LRG.jpg although not of specified image-type (e.g. .png).
  • added more info on specifying image-sizes to README.txt.
  • added a paragraph about template overrides to INSTALL.txt.
  • added small icons for a more consistent look in admin→categories/products

Changes from 0.6b to 0.7a

  • update watermarked images based on mtime (file modified time). If a new image or watermark is uploaded and watermarking is specified, new files are generated on demand. This removes “sticky” watermarked images.
  • added watermark gravity. You can specify where you want the watermark to show. Center is default but you can specify either one of NorthWest, North NorthEast, West, Center, East, SoutWest, South and SouthEast.
  • improved GD render quality when rendering non transparent images.
  • compression/quality setting now works for GD, too.
  • changed default behaviour from resizing images to forced-width canvas to resizing to canvas relative to original image. Can be overridden by appending “!” to small/medium dimensions. Example:

small image height: 80! Canvas is then forced to match the exact dimensions specified. Original resized image is centered on canvas.

  • fixed error where images uploaded as additional images but with different file extensions than the original image weren’t shown.
  • fixed possible memory leak in GD resizing/watermarking functions.
  • added german language support.

Changes from 0.6a to 0.6b

  • fixed error in tpl_reviews_default.php (zen_get_small_image() call). This error keeps your reviews page from showing.
  • added warning about overwriting images when resizing already uploaded images
  • added TODO.txt

Changes from 0.5a to 0.6a

  • fixed GD resizing with one dimension set to 0.
  • fixed multiple resize bug (resizing although already resized).
  • fixed preview image aspect ratio.
  • chmod images to 0777 everytime they’re requested (watermarking failsafe).
  • made file-extension switch statements (string comparisons) case-proof.
  • finetuned imagesize calculation.
  • added feature to resize already uploaded pictures on product update page.

Changes from 0.4c to 0.5a

  • implemented error reporting, if creation of images failes (ImageMagick).
  • implemented error reporting, if ImageMagick selected but binaries are missing.
  • automatically hide non marked images if watermarking is specified by changing permissions of image files.
  • fixed watermarking bug. watermark is not to be resized.
  • added failsafe for old Zen-Cart aspect ratio tricks (leave one dimension blank or set to 0).
  • added possibility to specify amount of resizing in terms of percentage of the original image. (Important: Read paragraph IMAGE SIZES of README.txt)

Changes from 0.4b to 0.4c

  • fixed additional images in subdirectories do not show bug.
  • updated admin/includes/functions/general.php to keep up with Zen-Cart patch.

Changes from 0.4a to 0.4b

  • fixed resizing bug in GD. If images have 1:1 aspect ration, they weren’t resized but cropped.
  • fixed bug in checking if images existed. Now searches absolute path of filesystem, not relative server path.
  • fixed bug in search algorythm for finding additional pictures.

Changes from 0.3a to 0.4a

  • added feature choose betwenn uploading an image as a simple product’s image (standard behaviour) or treat the image as an additional image which should be displayed as such. Additional images are created with their respective filenames for Zen-Cart to find and display them correctly.
  • tinted the image settings area (broswe image, overwrite, add additional, scale images) within update/insert product pages to reflect they belong together.
  • displayed image directories available for upload do not longer contain special directories like medium, large and original. These directories are not recommended for upload.
  • fixed

Changes from 0.2b to 0.3a

  • fixed problem with alphanumerical values in IMAGE_SIZE configurations
  • fixed non working quality setting for large images’ jpeg compression.
  • added quality setting for small and medium images’ jpeg compression.
  • modified image creation so that if you upload a jpeg image the large image is not recreated and compressed a second time but just renamed and copied to it’s proper location. This results in better image quality (no double compressing) and prevents size-blowup of images initially compressed with a quality setting of <75.

Changes from 0.2a to 0.2b

  • make unlink() calls “double-safe” for non-existing files
  • fixed wrong table layout (different numbers of columns in some areas) in collect_info.php files in admin/includes/modules/
  • make option to resize/scale images in collect_info.php files show only if an image-handler is selected in admin→configuration→images.
  • fixed watermarking bug. If watermarking was selected but no image manager handler specified, no image was shown. If watermarking is desired and no manager specified, the image defaults to the non-watermarked image now.

Changes from 0.1a to 0.2a

  • moved image resizing functions from admin/includes/functions/general.php to admin/includes/functions/extra_functions/functions_images.php to integrate better with stock Zen-Cart.
  • moved image retrieving and watermarking functions from includes/functions/functions_general.php to includes/functions/extra_functions/functions_images.php to integrate better with stock Zen-Cart.
  • Fixed resizing of _LRG images although no resize should occur.
  • Fixed problem with trying to generate images although no image uploaded.
  • Fixed errors when deleting products images from the database.
  • Fixes buggy resizing and watermarking implementation for GD libraries.
  • Fixed various file deletion bugs.
  • GD library support now fully implemented.
  • ImageMagick support now fully implemented.
  • Added possibility to reduce ‘stair-effects’ on generating transparent gif images. (’transparent ‘)
  • Updated README.txt to reflect the changes mentioned above
  • Added CHANGES.txt to provide additional info on fixed bugs and new features.
  • Added UPGRADE.txt to provide information about the necessary steps to upgrade from previous versions.
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